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Code5 Software has a strong history in the software industry since 2003. With our customer-centric approach, deep knowledge in the real estate sector, and a continuous innovation mindset, we hold a significant position in Turkey’s real estate software solutions market.

We take pride in our expertise, particularly in customer relationship management, and we are honored to be recognized as a leading software company in the real estate sector. Our PRISMCRM software provides tailored solutions by addressing the specific needs of the industry.

The vision of Code5 Software is to prioritize customer satisfaction above all and to be a pioneer among real estate software companies. Utilizing innovative technology, we aim to enhance the efficiency of industry firms by offering quality, flexible, and unique products.

Our commitment to customer focus remains steadfast, and we continuously improve our software solutions through constant feedback. Code5 Software is a trusted name in software solutions, and we proudly hold a leading position in the industry with our unique approach. Code5 Software is the right choice for your CRM software needs.

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Customer Comments

At Code5 Software, we believe that we share not only a business relationship but also a special journey built on friendship and trust with our customers. While professionalism is a fundamental principle for us, we embrace a warm, friendly, and reliable approach towards our customers. We are here to provide solutions tailored to your needs and to support you. We look forward to collaborating on many successful projects together in the future.



We aimed to strengthen our information infrastructure and make our operations more efficient by joining forces with Code5 Software. The PRISM CRM application has significantly contributed to making quick and informed decisions in the sales processes of our projects. Our initial priority with PRISM CRM was to establish a systematic infrastructure for analyzing accurate data.



We got acquainted with Code5 Software and started using the PRISM CRM software specifically designed for the construction sector. The program's rapid adaptation and Code5 Software's outstanding service approach significantly increased our business efficiency. We are delighted to collaborate with PRISM CRM to meet our needs in managing customer relationships and directing real estate sales processes more effectively.


Yeşil GYO

We are implementing a large-scale project with 14,000 residences, and we have established the CRM infrastructure of our project with PRISM CRM. PRISM CRM enables us to effectively manage all business processes, from marketing to sales, and from post-sales to finance. One feature we particularly appreciate is the reporting systems. The system automatically sends the reports we want to our mobile phones and email addresses.



We were in search of a CRM solution with industry experience to effectively manage the real estate projects we implemented in Istanbul and Ankara. The construction sector-specific knowledge and customer-focused approach of Code5 Software determined our preference for PRISM CRM. Within the scope of this project, we facilitated internal communication by consolidating our central and sales offices into a single infrastructure. PRISM CRM provided significant support in making strategic decisions and increased the efficiency of our sales team.