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PRISM CRM not only offers sales force automation for construction companies but also has the capability to successfully manage critical processes in the construction sector such as Portfolio Management, Financial Management, Document Management, Post-Sales Processes, and Post-Delivery Processes. With these features, it holds a leading position among integrated CRM software solutions in the industry.


Our Product Features

Multiple Project Management

Gain full control by combining your sales offices with the headquarters.

Visual Sales System

With 2D visual sales screens, you can quickly access the sold and remaining flat information in each block on the site plan. By switching to the block image, you can easily follow the sales status of the flats through the block image.

Flexible Sales System

The offer module is a unique solution for companies with flexible sales capabilities. Thanks to this tool, you can make automatic calculations according to your customers' payment ability, maturity options and determined rates, and easily create and store special offers for your customers.

Appointment Reminder System

After establishing communication, the user can open a reminder record and schedule future appointments with the customer. Thanks to the reminders being activated on the specified day and time, the user receives instant warnings.

Bulk SMS/Mail Integration

By integrating with bulk SMS/Mail systems, you can manage your marketing activities more effectively.


Support is provided to PrismCRM users by the technical team, within the program or externally.


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